Photography By MsJudi







Ms Judi

Photography By MsJudi

Peshtigo, WI


In the beginning I was first inspired to pick up a camera at a very young age by my beloved grandfather. He had a dark room set up in our attic where he developed his own photos and would let me watch him work ...Sadly he passed away when i was seven, but he left a huge impact on me that will last a life time.. His love remains with me and within my own photography captures.
While living in New York and working psych I suffered an unexpected spinal injury that changed my life.... I moved back to Wisconsin, where I was born . I picked up my camera again and started shooting anything and everything that I found interesting.
I never go any where without my camera. While living with level 10 pain and walking with a cane ( at times I use a manual wheel chair ) but when I am out with my camera I forget my pain and feel like I am flying . I found my Passion!! My goals are to inspire others with disabilities to get out and find their passion. You can do it! I Pray my photography warms the hearts and souls of all who view them.

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Autumn leaves in Menominee Michigan by Ms Judi


Wisconsin Dairy Cow by Ms Judi


Wisconsin Whitetail Deer by Ms Judi


Lonely Ladybug by Ms Judi


Delicate White Flowers by Ms Judi


Menominee Lighthouse Ice Sculptures by Ms Judi


St. Louis Arch by Ms Judi


Grizzly Bear by Ms Judi


Buzy Bee by Ms Judi


Menominee Michigan Night Lights by Ms Judi


Shetland Pony by Ms Judi


Elegant Butterfly by Ms Judi


Lighthouse Glow Sepia Spot color by Ms Judi


Storm Sandy Effects Menominee Lighthouse Sepia by Ms Judi


Orange Lily Close Up by Ms Judi


Daisy and Leafhopper by Ms Judi


Winter Storm Ashley 2015 #3 by Ms Judi


Winter Storm Ashley 2015 #2 by Ms Judi


Winter Storm Ashley 2015 by Ms Judi


Weathered and Worn by Ms Judi


Autumn in Wisconsin by Ms Judi


United We Stand by Ms Judi


Blue Bicycle by Ms Judi


Pink Rose by Ms Judi


Pink Poppy Flower by Ms Judi


Yellow and Red Hibiscus by Ms Judi


Red Flower and beetle by Ms Judi


Pink Poppy and Buds by Ms Judi


Red Lilies by Ms Judi


Purple Flowers by Ms Judi


Fall In Henes Park by Ms Judi


Flamingo by Ms Judi


Giraffe by Ms Judi


Horse Freckles by Ms Judi


Dogbane Beetle Eating Flower by Ms Judi


Red Admiral Butterfly by Ms Judi


Lillies and Birdhouse by Ms Judi


Honey Bee and Lavender Flower by Ms Judi


Bumble Bee 009 by Ms Judi


Wisconsin Old Barn 4 by Ms Judi


Red Fox by Ms Judi


Wisconsin Farm Tractor by Ms Judi


Wisconsin Old Barn 12 by Ms Judi


Wisconsin Old Barn 11 by Ms Judi


Cow Skull by Ms Judi


A Bumble Bee Working by Ms Judi


Purple Beauty Trio by Ms Judi


After The Rain Lily by Ms Judi